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The maximum amount of money to be paid to the contractor for the prescribed work set out in the contract. If a price on the ceiling is used in a contract, the contractor is not entitled to additional compensation. A maximum price is used when effort or quantity can be realistically estimated and there is total agreement between the parties on what constitutes the prescribed work. (2017-08-17) (price cap) A relationship between two persons, by agreement or otherwise, if one (the agent) can act on behalf of the other (the principal) and engage him with words and deeds. (2010-01-11) (Agency) Commodities, perishable goods, production products or goods or supplies used in daily procedures and identified by their content, physical nature or properties. (2010-01-11) (product) Delivery of a good or service that is only available by a supplier. A single source contract implies that there is only one supplier capable of meeting the requirement and that any attempt to obtain offers would only lead a supplier to meet the needs. (2010-01-11) (single supplier) Description of the requirements for identifying and describing a particular product or service, but which may be less detailed than a specification. The description contains sufficient data to enable the supply and evaluation of the article either by referring to a specification or standard, or by incorporating critical performance data. (2010-01-11) (Purchase Description) An agreement under which certain equipment from PWGSC`s Department of National Defence is loaned to a contractor. (2010-01-11) (Pret Convention) Used by PWGSC as a method of offering to analyze customer demand, determine quantities and quality, standardize products used by the government, manage complex requirements, and meet reporting requirements at the tax office and the general office.

Only PWGSC can issue reminders against an ISD after receiving a customer service-funded request. (2010-01-11) (individual and ministerial order offer [OCIM]) Ordinary operations related to the supply, supply, supply or distribution of delivery items to a user to meet the specified requirements. The function includes all actions ranging from the first definition of requirements, in terms of nature and quality, testing, standardization, acceptance, modification, acquisition, acceptance, receipt, storage, distribution, maintenance, recovery, reissue, disposal, liability, responsibility and inventory control. (2010-01-11) (supply) An agreement negotiated between a supplier and PWGSC under the Disenivable and Suspension Directive. (2016-04-04) (administrative agreement) A complex supply is typical of dealing with the unknown. Creativity and continuous development are needed. It is based on achieving a goal/objective and is controlled by the management of changes/phases. It is possible that established delivery methods may be modified and procurement strategies and evaluation methods may be studied or developed. Purchases can include partnerships with customers, multiple stakeholders and control can be shared. Contract management is detailed and extensive and can be unpredictable.

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