Rental Agreement From Nobroker

I tried to nobroker just because of payzapp offer and their advertising as no document required. I will continue with RedGiraffe and I have not had a problem for a year and a half. Even without an updated lease, I was able to pay through RedGirraffe. Nobroker says the rent mentioned in the agreement should match exactly the amount I paid via nobroker pay. As the document has not been updated and the rental and maintenance have been increased, I have paid the amount new or updated. I paid the same amount for the month of May on RedGirraffe without any problems. I think for this reason they did not deduct 2% that they mentioned in the email, but not refunded service charges. Maintenance fees paid via nobroker-payzapp-Diners black.. Late to realize that payapp payment by diners does 🙁 for 5% cashback offer (someone mentioned here t-c) Is there no 1x broker points on Dinerschwarz on paying rent? I also received a table with all the Diners Black RP reduce offers from June 2020 is it true? Example now Amazon will be 5x from June 2020 instead of 10x.

It`s true? Can we use another bank`s card except HDFC to retrieve 500 Rs. Money in Payzapp? I would suggest not to use nobroker, because I had a very bad experience in that. And I lost almost 1000 rupees. If they have not been able to manage the transaction, they will deduct 2% of our money. Who the hell are they to withdraw our money. use nobroker. other options. “The constant demand from our nrI customers and customers who have homes in other cities to manage everything, from domestic inspection, painting, repair and maintenance, to the preparation of the lease, to the search for new tenants, when previous tenants evacuate and organize home visits for potential tenants, led six months ago to the implementation of this rent guarantee service,” said Amitgar Awal, co-founder and CEO, The company does not collect brokerage fees from both parties and works on a freemium model. FYI, 1% charge is currently up to 75000INR.

nobroker charges 1.5% for the extra amount. Do not try to transfer to yourself, family/friends or property account without a rental agreement. Nor do they let two tenants pay single landlords. I have 2 forms with different rental contracts that pay an owner.

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