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Continued violence on both sides remains an obstacle to a final peace agreement. During the preliminary talks, the Taliban continued to fight on the battlefield and launched terrorist attacks in the capital and also threatened the 2019 Afghan presidential elections on September 28. [27] According to U.S. Air Force statistics released in February 2020, the United States dropped more bombs on Afghanistan in 2019 than any other year since 2013. [28] Karzai confirmed in June 2011 that secret talks were underway between the United States and the Taliban,[51] but these failed in August 2011. [52] New attempts to resume talks were made in March 2012[53] and June 2013 following a dispute between the Afghan government and the Taliban over its political opening Qatar`s offices were cancelled. President Karzai accused the Taliban of presenting themselves as a government in exile. [54] In January 2016, a quadrangle was held in Pakistan with representatives of the Afghan, Chinese and American governments, but the Taliban did not participate. [55] In 2016, the Taliban held informal discussions with the Afghan government. [56] India.

New Delhi is a strong supporter of the Afghan government and has provided $3 billion since 2001 for infrastructure development and business maintenance in Afghanistan. Its main objectives are to minimize Pakistan`s influence and prevent Afghanistan from becoming a haven for anti-Independence activists. The Indian government did not reject U.S. efforts to reach an agreement with the Taliban and refused to legitimize the group as a political actor. Russia. Moscow hopes to revive relations with Afghanistan, which were severed by the country`s break-up in 1989 after decades of occupation. Experts say Russia wants to play a leading role in the peace process and strengthen its influence in Afghanistan to counter the U.S. and NATO presence in the region. Several meetings were held last year between Taliban delegations and Afghan representatives. On March 27, 2020, the Afghan government announced the creation of a 21-member negotiating team for peace talks. However, on March 29, the Taliban rejected the team on the grounds that “we will only be sitting in talks with a negotiating team that is consistent with our agreements and built up according to established principles.” [122] On 31 March 2020, a three-member Taliban delegation arrived in Kabul to discuss the release of the prisoners. [123] They are the first Taliban representatives to visit Kabul since 2001.

[123] The Afghan government had also agreed to conduct the talks at Bagram prison. [123] However, on the same day, the Afghan government announced that the Taliban`s refusal to accept a new ceasefire and the Taliban delegation`s refusal to appear in prison on the scheduled date had both led to the postponement of the prisoner exchange. [125] [126] [127] After the arrival of the Taliban delegation, a senior Afghan government official told the Reuters news agency that “the release of the prisoners could take place in a few days, if all goes according to plan.” [124] On 31 March 2020, the UN Security Council called on all parties to the conflict to declare a ceasefire so that the peace process could continue. [128] [129] On 1 April 2020, it was reported that both the Taliban and the Afghan government had held personal talks the previous day, contrary to previous videoconference interviews in Kabul, and that they were being monitored by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). [130] However, the Afghan office of the National Security Council stated that the only progress made to date was “technical,” and Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid went on to say, “There will be no political discussions there.” [130] Apart from the talks, tensions also erupted between the Afghan government and the Taliban when the Afghan authorities blamed the Taliban for an explosion on 1 April 2020, which killed several children in Helmand. [130] On the second day of the trial, it was agreed that on 2 April 2020, up to 100 Taliban prisoners would be released in exchange for 20 Afghan soldiers

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