Trade Agreement Medieval 2

a. – > Does the importance you attach to maintaining trade agreements depend on the group you play in? What do you mean? 1 – What will qualify me to act successfully on earth with someone on the map like Russia? d. – > If Russia goes to war with all its neighbors, am I screwed for the trade of the land with them? Merchant Trade is what you do on only your traders standing on the various trading resources at stake. One trick I use (some people consider it a feat or even a cheat, but what`s heck) is to find a good trading resource (one that generates a decent amount of cash by a merchant… 500-1000 guilders) and build a fortress on it. Then you can stack up to 20 dealers on this resource, so that 10,000-20,000 guilders per train. Make sure the fort is not where it can be easily occupied by someone else, or somewhere you can easily defend with a nearby army. If an enemy conquers the fort, all your merchants will be expelled and your income will obviously be zero. TL; DR I would like a detailed description of how trade agreements work, I`m still not sure it`s worth getting trade agreements with each political group. I made the map with my diplomat of the correct agreements with any 1 except 2 nations that I intend to attack, but I neve rseem to get my trade high around 7000, I have my ports, roads but still not very high When I play Shogun 2 or Napoleon, you can send merchant ships to some markers on the map to get a lot of trade money in, so what is the best for this game? e. – > Let`s say I want to trade with HRE, but I am at war with France, Spain, Portugal and Milan. Can we create a land trade route to Egypt, through Turkey, by the Byzantines and venice (provided there is no rebel zone that completely blocks it)? How dramatically can a land trade route come? As for total trade, you just have to do what you do…. The construction of roads, markets and ports/warehouses.

And get trade agreements with all the groups that have colonies near you. (That is, if you are in early England and you get a trade agreement with Egypt, it will not increase your trade income, because you probably won`t have settlements close enough to trade with the Egyptian colonies.) It also depends on the characteristics of the political groups. A group like Kislev, which has passive quality, is by no means to act.

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